Get Involved

Align your brand and business with CGI and let us grow together.

CGI is always keen to hear what products and services can benefit the club, its members and their networks.

We offer various touch points where you can engage CGI to promote or market your offerings.

Partnership Commitment

What makes CGI is its culture and lifestyle shared by its members. It’s more than a good day on the course, or the fine quality conversations, experiences, and delights on offer.

CGI is committed to updating its sponsors and partners of core Values, Culture, and Lifestyle.

This is to ensure that the individual and collective alignments of CGI are communicated in a manner that can allow our sponsors and partners to precisely align their value offerings for the maximum win win experiences

Partnership Value We Bring

Developing Business

CGI is a social club focused on giving back to the communities, it and its members have the potential to influence. So we are open to developing working partnerships where developing business can grow through servicing the club and its members


CGI offers businesses and brands to partner up or sponsor certain aspects of CGI. 

For your support and efforts to the club allows you various forms of access to CGI members, their attention, influence and spending power across various aspects of lifestyle.

Partnership ROI points

On-Course Branding

via branding displays at 1st, 9th holes and other holes; designated Clubhouse area; as well as CGI sports gear (caps & shirts)

In-Programme Value Offering Promotion

via branding display / product placement and usage at Prize-giving and Dinner and 5 minute presentation on your Value Offering

On-Course Value Offering Promotion

via product/service placement and usage during golf event. Branding and Promotional displays are welcome 

Value Offering – Content / Digital Promotion

via product/service display and/or showcase in Content and on digital channels. Special mention as Content Partner before/after content 

Brand/Business Mention – Content / Digital Promotion

via logo display and business overview in Content and on digital channels

Partnership Tiers